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instance_rules Rules

1. Respect all users. Harassment, bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, bi-phobia, LGBTQ+ gatekeeping, and the like are not allowed.

2. Content Warnings must be used when appropriate. This includes porn, lewds, sensitive topics, anything not suitable for anyone 17 and under, and politics.

3. Fascism/Genocide is not permitted. If you are a fascist and/or advocate for genocide on this instance, your account will be terminated instantly with no appeal or warning.

4. Avatars, Usernames and Headers must be suitable for all ages.

5. Be reasonable and be kind. It is impossible to include every possible offense in these rules, so staff are encouraged to make their best judgment. There are no “loopholes” and users are expected to take the spirit of these rules into consideration.

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